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Free Medical Marijuana Ebook - Seed Selection - DownloadThis is a free medical marijuana ebook download on the importance of seed selection and choosing stable cannabis genetics. This is a free sample chapter from the Medical Marijuana Grow Guide Ebook.

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Male or Female Marijuana Plant?

When starting from seed, knowing how to tell the difference if it is a male or female marijuana plant is essential. This medical marijuana plant pictured below is exhibiting obvious signs of a male marijuana plant. This is described in detail in our Medical Marijuana Grow Guide essentials online video lesson.

male or female marijuana plant

Male Marijuana Plant


Purple Phenotypes

A phenotype [fee-nuh-tahyp] is the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

With medical marijuana, a purple phenotype will show up in most cannabis strains, especially when given cooler night time temperatures.

Blueberry crossed with Rocky Road showing purple phenotypes.

medical marijuana blueberry hybrid