Subject Verb Agreement Exercises For Ssc

but ” are related, the verb is maintained according to the subject who does not use “no”. The verb should therefore be a part (b) of the phrase ” were ” instead of ” what “. The verb should not be chosen on the basis of the subject of sentences. The study of languages and sciences is very important for your studies. (The subject is not languages and sciences, but studies.) If “One” is the subject of the sentence, then the pronouns used will be themselves, etc. Do not use it yourself if two different nouns are linked and the verb used is plural. 8.c) What will come instead, since “with” will take the verb according to the first subject. The subject is singular, so it is the lazy amount of / quantity of nobissibles, the verb used will be singular. 15) “a ” 🔹 indication – ” Would have better ” is used to give advice or tell people what to do.

Meaning is not the present or the future of the past. Always use “had” before you don`t. With better, we use the naked infinitiv. 16) No error 17) The sentence is perfectly correct. These nouns seem plural, but they are actually singular and we use a singular verb with them. Rule-9 When gerunds are used as the subject of a set, they accept the singulate form, but when connected by “and”, they take the plural form. Example: quantity/ quantity of + incalculable subject the verb used is singular. The company is the subject, so the correct pronoun should be “That.” Plural meeting requires the plural, because members of the occupation function as individual people who do separate things. If “not only…. but also” is used to combine two subjects, the verb corresponds to the nearby subject.

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