To Confirm An Agreement Definition

While in some cases confirm almost identical, confirmation indicates the reinforcement of what is already partially established. Prosecutor Alessandro Leopizzi wasted no time in repeating the transcript to ask Schettino to confirm his remarks. Some common synonyms of confirm are authenticate, corroborate, substantiate, validate and verify. While all these words mean “to testify to the truth or validity of something,” implies the elimination of doubts by an authoritarian statement or undeniable fact. Hagel refused to confirm or deny whether Baghdadi was among the living. The circumstances seemed to confirm all of Melton`s assumptions. Blood splatters on the sidewalk appear to confirm that he was heading towards Wilson when the fatal shot was fired immediately. This seems a priori to be good reasoning, but experience does not confirm it. Synonyms substantis and confirm are sometimes interchangeable, but substantis involves the provision of evidence that supports the claim. The free movement of goods is one of the areas in which Slovenia first came into contact with European legislation. I am all the more pleased that, at the time of the Slovenian Presidency, we have the opportunity to confirm the agreement through this package of products, which is a new stage in the construction of the European Union`s internal market. History is rich in examples that confirm the truth of this proverb.

Similarly, minco China has agreed, in accordance with the Second Confirmation Agreement, not to enter into an agreement or grant an option or right to buy, sell, sell or issue stakes in Minco China, if any of the above or in combination would result in Minco Gold holding at any time less than a 75% unenden interest in Minco than on an actual or fully diluted calculation basis in China. Fink Rosenthal contacted to ask him to confirm the deal in exchange for Fink and Murray`s credit. I will make these four statements little by little during our future study, in order to confirm them to you. DNA tests were used to confirm Albert`s father status in both cases after lengthy litigation. Only three out of 44 Republicans voted for Hail`s confirmation, even a former GOP senator. A Bland Altman diagram [26] was used to confirm the concordance between the first and second responses by calculating the mean differences between them. The meanings of validation and confirmation overlap widely; However, validation involves the determination of validity by an authoritarian assertion or by evidence of fact. In some situations, the words verify and confirm are roughly equivalent. However, verification involves finding that real facts or details are consistent with the facts proposed or guessed.

While synonyms authenticate and confirm that their meaning is obvious, authentication involves the finding of authenticity through the presentation of legal or official documents or expert opinions.. . . .

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