Us-Spain Agreement On Defense Cooperation (Adc)

5) the provision in accordance with the local collective agreement, reassignments and promotions and the under-reporting of the Spanish Ministry of Defence; 1. A high-level bilateral defence commission, chaired by the United States Minister of Defence and the Spanish Minister of Defence or his senior officers, to which they delegate, is established as a political consultative body between the two countries in the field of defence and with a view to promoting the development of this agreement. The committee meets regularly. Welcome to Rota Naval Station, Spain – As the gateway to the Mediterranean, NAVSTA Rota plays a crucial role in supporting our nation`s objectives and defense and providing unparalleled logistical support and strategic presence to all our military services and allies. If, on the contrary, sixty (60) days after the start of the consultations have not been settled in this committee, the Spanish Ministry of Defence informs the staff concerned of his dismissal, which will take effect thirty days after this notification. The U.S. Armed Forces will no longer be responsible for workers` wage costs after 90 (90) days from the beginning of the consultation period. By mutual agreement between the two parties, the period during which workers` wages can continue to be paid may exceed the aforementioned 90 days. During the period exceeding the aforementioned ninety (90) days, the Spanish Ministry of Defence pays 50% of the salary costs of the personnel concerned. The State Department extends its compliments to the U.S. Embassy and has the honor of confirming the receipt of Verbal Note Number 146 and confirming its content agreement.

and decided to maintain this defence cooperation within the bilateral framework and as part of its participation in the Atlantic Alliance, which is based on the objectives and objectives of the joint declaration of the two countries of 11 January 2001; If a reduction in capacity is likely to significantly affect the activities of the Spanish armed forces, consultations will take place between the competent military authorities of both parties on this matter. Any party can engage in such consultations. In anticipation of these situations and in order to ensure continuity in the functioning of business and institutions, agreements are reached on the participation of Spanish staff in the implementation of the established IDA. 3. In accordance with Article 2, paragraph 2 of this agreement, appropriate arrangements are made by mutual agreement between the United States Navy authorities and the Spanish Navy regarding the safety of submarine navigation. B. The United States: 1. Make sure that all fuel entering the system from U.S. sources meets NATO STANAG 3747 requirements. 2. With the agreement of the Ministry of Defence, pay for all reasonable expenses that have been approved in the annual budget.

3. inform 24 hours in advance of visits to ROTAZA facilities for quality control or operational control. 4. exchange of petroleum products with Spain, in accordance with the agreements between the DESC and the Spanish Air Force. 5. Name the American members of the Joint Technical Commission. Desc is the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence`s technical inspection group for ROTAZA. Facilitates industrial cooperation between the governments of the United States, Spain and industry through cooperative programs, RD-A, Engineer and Scientist Exchange MoU, Data Exchange Agreement Annexes; Research, development, testing and evaluation and U.S.-Spanish industrial cooperation.

In addition, it serves as a point of contact for representatives of the U.S. defense industry who are trying to improve understanding and access to the Spanish defense industry and provides guidance for the U.S.

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