Verizon Customer Service Agreement

c. Changes to local voice telephony. If you change or suspend your local telephone service, we may either terminate your service or continue to provide the service without Verizon`s local language service at the current rates and conditions of your new service plan, and you agree to pay any new or higher monthly charges that may apply to your new service plan. If we decide to terminate your service in accordance with Section 2 (c) above, we reserve the right to charge all early termination fees and apply the return conditions of the devices provided for in this Agreement. This agreement is between you as our customer (“you,” “your,” “company”) and Verizon Online LLC. (“Verizon,” “we,” “our”) and contains these terms of use, our terms of use (“AUP”) at, website terms of use, email policies and other policies as described in, as well as our privacy policies on (together “Agreement”). By accepting this Agreement, you agree to comply with the specific terms and conditions of the service plan you have chosen (including the duration of the plan and the early termination fee). Your acceptance of this contract is made through and after: (a) presentation of your order; (b) your electronic acceptance of the agreement or as part of the installation of the software; (c) their use of the service; or (d) your storage of the software we make available beyond thirty (30) days after delivery. Additional information, conditions and restrictions. In addition to the information, conditions and restrictions contained in this agreement and in the aforementioned third-party USAs, which are listed as a reference in this agreement, the following provisions apply to Business Internet Secure: a) it is only available in packages 5, 10 and 25, and customers may be limited to the purchase of a package at any given time; (b) each Cylance license contained in these packages is limited to use on a device and (c) it can only be ordered in association with Fios Service (as an add-on to an existing account or a new order). B. If the Software is not accompanied by an end-user license agreement from Verizon or a third party, a personal, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable license from Verizon or its third-party suppliers, suppliers or providers, will be granted to you to use the Software (and all corrections, updates and upgrades) to allow you to use the Service. 25, various.

The terms and conditions of this agreement replace all previous agreements, proposals or assurances relating to the service. You cannot terminate this agreement without our prior written consent. We can give up this agreement freely. If you leave the service on your site, your current schedule will not be able to be transferred to a new location. Changes to this Agreement or additional or other conditions in your orders, confirmations or other documents are not valid unless we have expressly agreed in writing. Communications or receivables or other communications, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement or a statute, are disclosed in writing. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, communications must be made to the legal department and sent to the address listed below by an internationally recognized first-class U.S. mail or post-press courier. Communications are deemed to have been issued at reception if they are sent to the U.S. Postal Service by express mail or three (3) days after delivery.

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