Agricultural Land Lease Agreement Format In Bengali

3. The fees charged by a non-agricultural lessee for the improvement or rental approval shall be considered to be lowering and the provisions of Article 61. (2) If more than one non-farm tenant pays rent to the lessor whose interest is transferred, a general notice from the assignee to the non-farm tenants, published in the prescribed manner, is sufficient communication for the purposes of that waste. Nitts. 62. Fine for the exploitation of abab, etc.- (1) If a lessor or his agent recognizes a charge declared illegal under section 61 on a non-agricultural tenant, that lessor or agent is, where applicable, liable to the same fine that must be imposed in the same manner as in paragraph 3 or section 48. the provisions of paragraphs 4, 7 and 8 of that Section concerning investigations, fines and procedures shall apply mutatis mutandis and, as far as possible, to the procedures provided for in this Section. (iv) the existing lease and the ability of non-agricultural land to support a higher rent. Provided that the lessee cannot be evicted for the reason set out in clause (iii) unless it is a reasonable compensation that can be agreed between the lessor and the tenant or if they do not agree, as may be found by the court at the request of the lessor or such a tenant. ยง 77. Delivery of land property sold for rent arrears and on which a structure was built by a non-agricultural tenant 79. Rules relating to the sale of the proceeds of sale.- (1) When transferring the proceeds of a sale of the shares of a non-agricultural tenant in non-agricultural land pursuant to a decree on rent arrears, the following rules should be observed instead of the rules provided for in Article 73 of the Code of Civil Procedure of 1908, namely – 2 CONSIDERING that the company is fully seized and owned and is duly authorized to do so. hectares of land in Mouzas- ., .

; No no. and .., no. Everyone at .., Dist. as a buyer / tenant for a period of 99 years. on the basis of the deed of transfer/LEASE registered on. between the CORPORATION and THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF WEST BENGAL / The Board of Directors of the Port of Kolkata – an entity established under the Major Port Trusts Act 1963 (Act XXXVIII of 1963). for the year. registered with the entity of the .,., registered in Book No I, Volume No.

of page no. page no. and has thus been allowed to ascend in the country or part thereof; 1. The Governor of the State of West Bengal has, in accordance with the provisions of the West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation, 1974 (Act XXV of 1974) / Des Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (Act I of 1894) / West Bengal Land (Requisition and Acquisition) Act, 1948 (West Bengal Act-II of 1948) / The Board of Directors of the Port of Calcutta has acquired an area of. Section 4. For the purposes for which non-agricultural tenants may hold non-agricultural land, (ii) the tenant`s interest in the non-agricultural land contained in this lease is transferred by succession, if that tenant is dying in respect of that interest, by succession in the same way as his other land: the non-farm tenant can be transferred to the court which, in order to seek legal action on the rent of his tenant, is transferred by inheritance. a written application for leave to file with the Tribunal an amount not less than the amount of money due to that tribunal. . .


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