Based On The Mutual Agreement

Centricity helps identify bridge keys that connect other fan sites that wouldn`t otherwise be so closely related (see Chapter 6). Remember that this metric is calculated based on unmade links. Therefore, when looking at fan sites with high intermediate centering, you should also consider the degree and degree to determine what motivates the highest scores. For example, a fan page with high intermediate centrality and high degree indicates that the side is “targeted” by other fan sites that have not “liked” each other (i.e., fan sites that are probably less aware). In contrast, a fan page with strong intermediate centricity and a degree of out indicates that the fan page “likes” many different fan pages that probably didn`t “like” each other otherwise. Sort in the Betweenness column to identify the pages with the highest scores. What are the fan pages the primary connections?. In order to reach an amicable agreement before the contract is signed, the structure and requirements of the contract will be clarified during the negotiation of the contract. The final language of the contract should reflect all agreements concluded. Topics covered may include responsibilities and public authorities, applicable conditions and laws, technical and economic approaches, property rights, contract financing, technical solution, total payments and prices. In the case of complex positions, contract negotiation can be a stand-alone process, with its own inputs (for example. B a list of issues or open items) and results (e.g.B.

documented decisions). For simple purchases, the contractual conditions can be firm and non-negotiable and should only be accepted by the selected supplier. As social agreements, markets are bilateral exchanges, real and potential. Unlike theft or forced harvesting, exchange is a peaceful method of getting things you want. It is based on mutual agreement between the parties to the trade. Given the known alternative methods of personal enrichment, it can be expected that people will exchange when and where alternatives seem less attractive. This is usually the case when people meet in a normative, legal and institutional framework that defines and imposes property rights, whereas even in the absence of a common normative order, people may have reasonable reasons to pursue their interests through exchanges and not through violent methods. Like Max Weber (1978, p. 640), even someone who prefers to take what he can without remuneration may opt for a peaceful exchange if he is “confronted with a power that corresponds to his own” or if he deems it “wise to do so for future exchange opportunities that might otherwise be threatened.” Indeed, the interest in exploiting the potential benefits of trade outside one`s own Community can be seen as an essential driver in the development of a normative and legal order that goes beyond traditional Community boundaries.

As Weber (1978, p. 637) says: “The market is a relationship that goes beyond the boundaries of the neighborhood, the kinship group, or the tribe.

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