Collective Agreement Ugfa

We reiterate that the employer`s divisive proposal to be solely for merit is unacceptable and will further distort UNBC`s already broken wage system. There is no faculty union in the country that would accept the employer`s offer. President Weeks: Make your facts clear. Then roll up your sleeves, pick up the phone and negotiate a collective agreement like in our benchmark universities: an agreement that guarantees THE SUSTAINABILITY AND CONTINUED EXCELLENCE OF UNBC. I would like to express our strong support for UNBC`s fight for a strong first collective agreement and a reasonable wage system. The Brock University Faculty Association will send a check for 1500 $US to support your efforts, along with other financial contributions if the strike continues. The university recognizes that our constant career development has led to a growing pay gap between UNBC faculties and their counterparts at other universities. The challenge is to find ways to fill a gap that has been growing for more than 20 years and as a result of previous agreements between the faculty and the university. The fiscal realities and responsibilities of the university as a public university for a sustainable future are additional challenges. For example, BC`s government operating grant, which devotes 67% of the operating budget to UNBC, has decreased by $572,000 this year. In addition, registration has declined by 5.9% this year. In addition, the growth in the number of public universities in BC over the past decade has created an increasingly competitive environment. Dear Jacqueline and colleagues at UNBC-FA: We have heard a lot about the challenges you face in negotiating your collective agreement.

We wish you good luck for your efforts and offer our support. We understand the value of a good collective agreement and the difficulty of negotiating it. Faculty agreements are essential for the work environment and services offered at a university. We stand with you in your efforts to maintain the quality of post-secondary education in British Columbia. Best wishes,HelgaHelga Kristín HallgrímsdóttirPresident, Association of Faculties of the University of Victoria Financial commitments made in the context of collective bargaining on the payment of wages are long-term and go well beyond the duration of a collective agreement. The overall compensation package of the five-year agreement proposed by the university increases the remuneration of FA members by $4.5 million and provides a solid foundation on which we can build. In comparison, the Faculty Association`s compensation proposal, which was paid over the same five-year period, was estimated by UNBC at a cumulative cost of more than $20 million, including Benefits. . . .

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