Hydroponics Get Growing – Online Medical Marijuana Hydroponic Video Lesson

Hydroponic marijuana growing video online lessonHydroponic Gardening Get Growing video lesson teaches the most popular hydro systems, how they differ, and which may be right for you. You will learn the mistakes beginner hydro growers make so you can feel confident getting started.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction of Hydroponics
  • Comparison of systems
  • The feeding chart
  • Equipment needed
  • Building and cloning with cloner systems
  • Budget
  • Setting Up
  • Nutrients
Medical Marijuana Hydroponic Grow

Hydroponic Marijuana Growing Setup

If you have been looking for a hydroponic marijuana video lesson, this is a great bundle of information so you can have the knowledge to get started.

1hr 20min Video Lesson

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hydroponics grow video

Deep Water Culture hydroponcs start to finish

Cloning marijuana with hydroponic clone machines

Cloning with hydroponic clone machines










2 thoughts on “Hydroponics Get Growing – Online Medical Marijuana Hydroponic Video Lesson

  1. Hello, I wanted to know if the hydroponic online lessons can be saved for use on a later date and does the ebooks and dvds include hydroponic gardening/

    • Typically our online video lessons are video on demand rentals, the link will expire after 2 weeks. So it is recommended to purchase a lesson when you have the time to sit and watch it similar to an online class and take notes.

      You can watch the video lessons as many times as you want during the allotted time.

      Our current DVD 2 Disc Set and EBook are based on soil methods for beginners. Our approach is to learn and fully absorb information about indoor growing, plant genetics, and environmental controls first before tackling in depth procedures like hydroponics and aeroculture. Our DVD 2 Disc Set and Ebook combo is best together because the ebook compliments all the info in the dvd video and adds more pictures and graphs not found in the DVD. The ebook is also searchable text for researching that also corresponds to the video chapters on the DVDs.

      We are about to release a downloadable Hydroponics ebook to accompany the Hydroponic Gardening online video lesson. We will send out a newsletter and blog post when this becomes available.

      Many virtual online classes only allow one viewing or a very short rental time, such as two days. Our online videos last for two weeks and have unlimited plays. We charge for our videos because they are long sessions, around 2 hours in length. Many DIY type online videos out there are only minutes long. A server and production time is required for this and that is where we allocate our costs.

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