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Medical Marijuana Grow Guide Video

This is the Medical Marijuana Grow Guide Essentials lesson instantly delivered in an online video. See the info at the bottom of this page for details.

The simplest and most effective indoor growing methods used by professional growers revealed! We talk first hand with an expert that expresses his concern for self efficiency for medical marijuana users.


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“I Learned to Grow My First Crop with this video!”

From Seed To Harvest
“I couldn’t believe it, I followed every step and it really taught me everything I needed from seed to harvest. As a new caregiver, I needed my garden to be organic and pure of chemicals and insecticides. With no prior knowledge at all, and never growing any plant indoors, I was able to construct my first indoor garden and produce a wealth of natural medicine for my patients, who are ecstatically happy with these buds. If you want to learn more about this plant, listen to what they say.”

You Can Grow Your Own!
The benefits of growing an indoor home garden

Most do-it-yourself home growers are concerned with the chemicals or insecticides that may be used on product from co-ops, caregivers, or other resources. Think about it. Do you really know what procedures and chemicals have been used on your natural medicine?marijuana growing easy guide Would you like to be able to know exactly what elements were used and the conditions the plant was in? Also consider the time and dollars saved. There could always be marijuana at your disposal. It is the knowledge to provide yourself with a perpetual harvest. Meaning you could harvest every 30 days with just two lights and two plants. Exactly the breed and strain you desired!

Your Opportunity to Never Be Without
We make learning to grow easy!

Do you want to know how to properly grow medical marijuana? Controlling the dosage, potency, even taste!? Perhaps this has been an interest of yours andyou didn’t know where to start, who to ask, and most books, websites, and methods you have found seemed complicated.medical marijuana close up

You can harvest in 90 days from the time you start this instruction and every 30 days from then on! This video will guide you along every needed step. We talk to experts giving you the inside knowledge and secrets they use. You will see first-hand from professional, experienced growers how to control every aspect of your plant as it flowers. You will experience home & garden style 3D walk throughs of creating your own grow space and see how easy it is to instantly get started to have perfected desired results.

“You can harvest every 30 days with just two lights and two plants.” 

12 Detailed Chapters
You Will Learn:

1. Introduction
Start of Disc 1

2. Shopping ListMedical Marijuana Grow Guide Essentials Back Cover
The list of what to buy for constructing a sanitary and successful grow room.

3. Construction
The process for building the grow space.

4. Seed Selection
for selecting the specific strain of cannabis for specific medicinal purposes.

5. Germinating
the selected seeds.

6. Cloning
of the mother plants.

7. General Maintenance
Start of Disc 2

8. Feeding
What to feed the plant, how to administer nutrients, and a troubleshooting guide.

9. Water
The watering schedule for the plants.

10. Simplify
An overview of a more simple, less technical way of growing medicinally.

11. Blooming
Describing the stage of the plant as it produces flowers and also covers the sex of the plant.

12. Harvest
How-to correctly harvest the plant when all the flowers have been produced.

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